Inverted Pyramids / Enamelled Earrings


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"Pisma" represents the continuation of my experience with enamel on copper and more precisely the "Crackeling" technique which consists of applying several layers of enamel and heat to create a unique and "explosive" effect.

This time I apply 38 recipes of different color combinations, emphasizing the importance of blues and creating an interaction between organic textures and other more uniform effects. 

In this collection, I gather organic figures inspired by dry seeds and leaves, although I also include rectangles and geometric figures because I think that thanks to the type of enamelling they can coexist without necessarily being opposed. 

"Prisma" is the result of a certain search for harmony between form and color, the color that comes out of the fire creating new forms. 
A cycle of repetition, learning and play.

 All the pieces were drawn by hand, then cut and enamelled by me. The hooks are made of 950 sterling silver and the brand of enamels used is the "Thompson Enamels".

This model "Inverted Pirámides" is composed of a unique recipe of colors that I call "Lava" with a mustard yellow base and a top layer that forms red color cells with subtle reflections in pastel pink, the hook is of "medium" size of which all along the loop measures 4cm.

The reproduction with this type of technique is quite complex and difficult, so consider who the jewelry you are going to receive will not have the patterns positioned exactly as in the photo but it is part of the magic of enamels on copper and it is my way of guaranteeing the authenticity and exclusivity of each of my creations.

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